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Technical Articles

Books & manuals:
Trail Master lift manual
Rancho lift manual
Superlift 6 inch lift manual for 1995-2003 Requires Adobe PDF reader
Superlift 2 inch lift manual for 1983-2005 Requires Adobe PDF reader

Maximum Recommended Tire Sizes for Various Axles
History of the S10...
Axle shaft and U-Joint Strength
Understanding Caster, Camber, Toe, and Ackerman
Some Helpful Equations
Lift Laws
Engine Oils
What Makes a ZR2 Different From a Regular S-10
How Do I Program the Keyless Remote for my Blazer?
The Wipers Just Quit at the Worst Possible Time: How Do I Fix That?

Tools & Trail Tools:
Trail Tools for Off Road Exploring
Gear For Your Hitch
Recovery Gear

Gear, Tire size and RPM chart
Why Doesn't My Four Wheel Drive Work? What do all those lights mean in a manual 4x4?
Electronic 4x4 - What is wrong, How to fix, How to install
Gear Ratio Identification by RPO Codes
PosiLock 4X4 Engaging System Install
Replacing Thrust Washer in an IFS Front Differential

Cutting the upper control arm for a TM lift
Add-A-Leaf install
How much adjustment allowed for the Torsion Bars (T-Bars)?

Suspension Swap:
How to Swap a Solid Front Axle into a First Generation S-10
Stage West style "CROSSMEMBER PIC"
Fabritech kit
Fullsize front spring comparison
Pictorial of M.Hall's BadBowtie SFA
Front Crossmember Drawings for Leafsprings

4.3 power
VIN break down and Engine ID numbers 82-93
Trouble Code Tech (OBD1)
Inside Your CPI Vortec

Engine Swap:
Hedman shorty Elite 2wd headers
2.8L to 3.4L Engine Swap
GM V8 Block ID's for your swap... Years 88 to 98 numbers
Using an Astro/Safari MiniVan 4.3
'93 S10-Blazer long block swap

Exterior Body:
Fender Trimming
Custom Snorkel
Dual Gas Tank Mod for Pickups
S10 Half-Door
S10 Sticker Install

A Mag-Light must
Hand Throttle Installation

Tires & Wheels:
Will Tires hit or fit???

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