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The PuddleSkipper's Dual Gas Tank Mod.

Materials Required:
S10 Blazer 20gal gas tank (without intank fuel pump)
Tank mounting brackets from Blazer
Fuel door cut from Blazer
10ft of 2in x4in steel channel
Fuel tank selector valve kit
(JCwhitney part#81TS2686W) for carbed motors
(JCwhitney part #81TS2705U) for fuel injected
8ft Fuel line
10 small hose clamps
Tools Required:
Sawsall, Welder, Grinder, Drill, GOOD 1/2in drill bit, Assorted wrenches and other hand tools

Before you get started Cutting up up your truck be sure to have all the nessesary hardware and tools. Mark Hall and myself did this mod in roughly about 8-10 hrs over 2 days.

Step 1 Take off bed of the truck by removing the body bolts and putting the bed over to the side.

Step 2 Before You can cut out the Spare tire crossmember you must weld in the rear tank cross member. This will keep frame from flexing. Measure the distance in between the frame rails, be sure to leave room to get to the corner bed body bolts. Cut a peice of 4in C channel to the length you need and and weld it into place. measure the width that the bottom tank braces need to be and drill those holes and bolt them on (this will help with your tank placement.)

Step 3 In order for the tank to fit you must remove the spare tire carrier crossmember with the Sawzall. cut it back as far as you can so it won't obsturct the tank placement or crossmember placement.

Step 4 Place the tank onto the bottom braces. With the tank in place you can take measurements to place your front crossmember. The placement of the front crossmember is kinda difficult because of the shock brackets so you have to make a 3 peice crossmember. The out side peices are at a 45 degree angle going up to the center peice. I will have exact meausrement up for this cross member up shortly.

Step 5 After you have welded this crossmember in place, use the bottom brackets for the tank to place the holes for the front bolts. Then drill these holes 1/2 in. Now bolt the bottom bracket in place.

Step 6 Now on the 4in face of the C channel on the front cross member,2in up drill another 1/2in hole in line with you bottom bolts. These holes are for the upper mounting straps for the tank. On the back cross member you will need to drill 2 more holes on the 4 in face of the C channel, 2 1/5 in up from the bottom at an angle. these holes are for the threaded ends of the straps.

Step 7 Ok now we are ready to mount the Tank. Place tank on the bottom brackets and tighten down the upper starps.

Step 8 Now you can hook up fuel tank selector valve. This is hard to explain so I copied the diagram that came with the valve.

Step 9 Place the gas door that you cut from the donor truck is kinda tricky. Since the tank is in the Stock location for a S10 blazer, so will the gas door. Be sure to take a couple measurements off of the Blazer you cut it from to aid in this. For me the top edge of the Gas door was 1 1/4 down from the body line and 3 1/2in over from the edge of the tail light. Remember it alwas good to cut your hole alittle smaller the first time, you can always make it bigger not smaller.

Step 10 Now that you have this hole in the bed of your truck you ar going to need to weld the new gas door in place. I cut my gas door slightly bigger than the hole in the bed and put the door so that it was on the inner side of the outer skin of the truck bed and welded it there.

Step 11 The finishing body work is pretty easy. you just grind down the welds so they are flush withe the outer skin. Then use either fiberglass or body filler to get it all smooth and flush with rest of the body.

Step 12 Sand it all down real good and prime the area with primer. Then paint it to match the rest of the truck.

Step 13 Place the Bed back on the truck and tighten all the body bolts, and voila you have a S10 with dual gas tanks like a full size.

Last Modified: October 05, 2006 JDM