2 wheel drive ext. cab s-10 body on a 4x4 s-10 chassis?

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2 wheel drive ext. cab s-10 body on a 4x4 s-10 chassis?

Post by spider_0072 » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:11 pm

I have a 1994 2 wheel drive extended cab S-10 that I'm wanting to put the body on a 4 wheel drive chassis. I was wanting to know what years, if any, that the body would bolt right onto. I'm guessing that at least a 94 to 97 extended cab S-10 would work but I'm not for sure. I'm going to start looking for a donor and don't want to have to do any major frame mods to make this work if possible. I am aware of all drive line issues as I have already dropped in a V-8 into the 2 wheel drive truck. Any input would be much appreciated.

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Re: 2 wheel drive ext. cab s-10 body on a 4x4 s-10 chassis?

Post by sexxymike » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:13 pm

I would recommend a 94 or 95 because you can still get a manual shifted t case. Other than getting the computer from the donor chassis I don't see a whole lot of work. The computer is tell the tranny to shift properly if it is 4lo. If you have a 5speed or are running a non computer tranny then you are golden and will only need to cut the hole in the floor for the shifter setup. Another option is to do a straight axle swap and put the 4wd tranny and tcase in your existing truck.
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Re: 2 wheel drive ext. cab s-10 body on a 4x4 s-10 chassis?

Post by BadBowtie » Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:24 am

The 2wd body mounts will bolt right up on the 4wd chassis mounts... However, the one thing you should be aware of which is different, the passenger floorboard is made differently... The 4wd has added clearance for the transfer-case where the 2wd does not... With a 3 inch body-lift this is verified not to be an issue for sure... A 2 inch body-lift should work fine... You may be able to make it work without a body-lift but you will want to check clearances ahead of time before assuming...

I'm thinking this is what you were wanting to know... Hope it helps either way...
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